Light Meters & Miscellaneous

$1,562.00XRP-3000 AccuMAX™ Digital Radiometer / Photometer Kit

The AccuMax ™ XRP-3000 digital Radiometer / Photometer is a compact, lightweight, and battery-operated

UVM3059 Digital UV Light Meter

Item Number: 133200
$1,798.00UVM3059 Digital UV Light Meter

NDT Light Meters For Fluorescent NDT Inspection Our non-destructive testing light meters will help you che
$882.00XR-1000 AccuMAX™ Radiometer / Photometer Readout Unit

The MOST advanced, microprocessor-controlled Radiometer Photometer readout system.  XR-1000 is a replac

Visible Light Meter

Item Number: 622338
$818.00Visible Light Meter

Visible Light Meter Measures visible light in foot-candles or lux The Visible Light Meter accurately measure

UV-A Absorbing Safety Glasses

Item Number: 506249
$31.00UV-A Absorbing Safety Glasses

UV-Absorbing Safety Glasses UV-Absorbing safety glasses help protect users from exposure to UV-A irradiation d
$756.00DM-365XA UV Radiometer Photometer (ASTM)

The Spectroline DM-365XA Digital Radiometer Photometer provides readings from 0-19,990 μW/cm2 or 0-199.9 mW
$720.00XDS-1000 AccuMAX™ Dual Sensor Detector

XDS-1000 AccuMAX™ Dual Sensor Detector  
$720.00XDS-1000A AccuMAX™ Dual Sensor Detector (ASTM)

XDS-1000A AccuMAX™ Dual Sensor Detector (ASTM) Made in USA
$1,210.00XP-2000 AccuPRO™ Dual Sensor Digital Radiometer Photometer

The AccuPRO™ XP-2000 Radiometer Photometer readout unit features a single dual-wavelength sensor detec