L-10 AC Coil (230V) Portable Magnetic Coil

L-10 AC Coil (230V)

Item #: 630516
L-10 AC Coil

L-10 Portable Magnetic Coil

For Magnetic Particle Inspection

The handy L-10 portable magnetic coil is great for field applications to magnetize a variety of part sizes and shapes for magnetic particle inspection. It is specifically designed to detect transverse defects in shafts, spindles and similar components.

The L-10 has a wear-resistant resin coating, and is supplied with a footswitch to energise the coil and 10 metres of flexible supply cable.


  • AC output
  • Ideal for transverse defect location
  • Demagnetisation capability
  • Hands-free control via a footswitch
  • Completely portable

Product Properties

NDT Type: Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Testing, Visible Magnetic Particle Testing


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