Universal WE Multi-Directional Magnetic Wet Bench

Universal WE

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Universal WE

Universal WE Multi-Directional Magnetic Wet Bench

The Universal WE magnetic wet bench is multi-direction magnetic wet bench designed to completely magnetize the surfaceof parts up to 35 inches long in a single shot. Potentially cutting inspection time in half because the part can inspected in both directions at once. The Universal WE offers 200 - 2,000 Amps AC for contact shots and 1,500 - 15,000 Amp-turns AC for coil shots. The two outputs are independently adjustable to set each magnetic field, circular or longitudinal.

Key Properties

Magnetizing Current Capacity at Contacts (amps):

AC: 2,000

Maximum Clamping Length: 35.4 in / 90 cm


Faster part processing

  • Double your inspection speed by magnetizing parts in a single shot
  • Fully inspect longer parts, up to 35.4 in / 90 cm, without requiring an auxiliary coil
  • Speed up part processing with a large automated surface shower

Advanced process control

  • Maximize consistency between tests with 500 customer-programmable techniques
  • Prevent accidental and unauthorized alterations with multiple user profiles and varying tiers of control for a range of operator experience levels
  • Receive visual alerts when produced amperage is 90% or less than set amperage

Real-world dependability for minimal downtime

  • Siemens PLC provides reliable controls and off-the-shelf replacements
  • Rely on our industry leading warranty with best in-class service delivered by a global network of trained Magnaflux authorized service centers
  • Minimize downtime with standard spare parts package

Easy to use and maintain

  • Make quick operational adjustments using the simple, user-friendly operator interface with touch-screen controls
  • External pump system provides fast access for easy cleaning and service


  • 60% duty cycle at 50% power output with a max of 6 seconds on and 4 seconds off
  • Large surface shower to bathe entire part automatically with mag shot
  • Siemens PLC
  • Advanced touch-screen operator interface
  • 1,000 customer-programmable techniques
  • CE certified
  • Safety stroke of 7mm to prevent pinch point injuries
  • User-controlled security systems with password protection, supervisor locks and customizable operator access profiles
  • External pump system for particle bath agitation, circulation and application
  • Adjustable mag shot time
  • Two large, easy-to-read, digital ammeters confirming amperage sent through the part
  • Dimmable UI display helps reduce operator eye fatigue and keeps ambient light below required minimums
  • Current control circuitry maintains the actual current value during magnetization in accordance with the selected value
  • Receive visual alerts when produced amperage is 90% or less than set amperage
  • Current flow diagnostic system and integrated AC demagnetization for both magnetizing circuits
  • Automatic sequencing mode to bathe and magnetize part according to pre-set parameters
  • Meets the requirements of ASTM E1444, ASTM E709 and ASTM E3024

Product Properties

NDT Type: Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Testing, Visible Magnetic Particle Testing


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